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1500mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil in 2oz Organic MCT Oil

Dosage:  1-5 Drops per 10 lbs body weight, 1 to 2 times daily as needed

From seed to sale, all Colorado grown and produced

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract provides all the benefits of the hemp plant


Ingredients: Organic MCT Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract


Science-Based Health Benefits of MCT Oil:

MCT oil may support weight loss by increasing fullness, fat loss, energy burning, ketone production and by improving your gut environment.

MCT oil is easily absorbed and transported throughout the body. It can be used as an instant source of energy or can be converted into ketones to fuel your brain.

MCT oil can increase fat burning and reduce the need for carbs during exercise. 

MCT oil may improve brain function, which could have benefits for people with epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease and autism.

MCT oil contains fatty acids that have been shown to reduce the growth of yeast and bacteria. Overall, MCTs may have a variety of antimicrobial and antifungal effects.

MCT oil may reduce heart disease risk factors such as weight, cholesterol and inflammation. Adding it to your diet could help lower your risk of heart disease.

ReGen CBD Drops 1,500mg Cannabinoids per 2oz Bottle

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  • ReGen CBD 1500mg Cannabinoids per 2oz bottle

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