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Navigating the Wild West of CBD Products

Interest in CBD is booming. Yet many consumers don’t know what is in the products they are buying or which merchants they can trust. Few standards exist to help legitimate merchants stand out from the crowd — particularly in a marketplace that can feel like the Wild West. How do consumers and payment service providers know who to trust? ~ (National Hemp Association)

These are three things you can look for, quick and easy, to make sure your choice in CBD and Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is the real deal.

ReGen CBD always posts test results on the FAQs page.

1) Third party testing of quality and potency. Make sure the product you're buying has been tested by a third party (not by the manufacturer, but by a certified testing facility), and look at the results. If the product you're considering doesn't have it's current test posted on the website, don't buy it.

Look for clearly visible potency in milligrams.

2) Milligrams of active ingredients should be clearly visible on the bottle or package you are considering purchasing. The higher the milligrams of CBD or Full Spectrum Hemp, and the stronger the potency and purity, the more effective the product will be. Dosage should be followed according to the product labeling.

ReGen CBD testimonials are posted on the home page.

3) Read customer testimonials. If customers are spending the time to give excellent feedback on a product, then it's most likely effective and trustworthy.

To Your Health & Wellness!


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